Custom Gift Baskets


Rental Property Owners:

Sandbridge Events & Gift Baskets is listed as a vendor of custom gift baskets with all FOUR realty companies in Sandbridge. Furthermore, we work closely with the realties to coordinate gift basket delivery to all of their vacationing guests in Sandbridge. If you own a rental property in Sandbridge and would like to thank your guests for renting your home, our gift baskets are a perfect way to show your appreciation.


Personalized Gifts

Sandbridge Events & Gift Baskets can open a world of creative possibilities with a custom gift basket created for any occasion. Since we support local businesses you’ll find that many of the products featured in our gift baskets are from Sandbridge & the surrounding area.

We offer different price points for our custom baskets to fit any budget.


FREE Local Delivery

We personally deliver your custom basket for free within Sandbridge! 

Alcohol Disclaimer

Alcoholic beverages CANNOT be placed in our baskets under any circumstances by Virginia Law. However, we can replace it with sparkling juices, ciders, mixers and non-alcoholic beverages.